Photography Workshops

Benefits of Photography workshops:

  •  Take your photography to the next level
  •  Have fun exploring photography with other like minded photographers
  •  Getting out and seeing new places or old places with new eyes
  •  Getting inspired


 We offer personalized one on one, couples and group photography lessons for beginner and intermediate photographers who wish to:

  • Become more familiar with their digital camera
  • Gain a better understanding of the principles of photography
  • Take their photography to the next level
  • Be inspired

Each lesson will be catered to the student’s and groups particular needs, camera, and skill level.

Book private lessons or group lessons or join one of the pre-scheduled workshops



Learn to use your camera on manual settings as to create the image you want to create!

  • Topics Include:
    • Jpeg vs Raw

      – what format works best for each individual

    • Exposure

      – how to use aperture, shutter speed and ISO to get the best results under varying lighting conditions

    • Metering

      – what setting works best for each situation

    • Composition

      – how to get the most out of the scene by using tried and tested methods of composing photographs

    • Lenses

      – what focal length or lens will work best for given scenario

    • Indoor/Outdoor

      – adjusting pictures and when to use Flash vs. Ambient Light

  • Types of Photography the lesson will apply to:
    • Portraits
    • Landscapes
    • Low Light / Long Exposure situations
    • Flash photography
    • Sports
    • Family Events
    • Kids and Babies
After the lesson, students will be able to demonstrate:
  • Familiarity with all of the buttons and menus on their DSLR.
  • An understanding of their cameras features and how to apply them towards taking betting pictures
  • Functional knowledge on the principles of digital photography


These lessons are designed for someone who is looking to familiarize themselves with editing programs, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. These programs open up a whole other world of possibilities for creating the best photograph possible and helping to match the photographer’s vision.

  • Topics Include:
    • Creating a workflow solution that makes importing and organizing photos easier and more efficient
    • Cropping and perspective control – how to create a more dynamic image using these simple techniques
    • How to use the tools in Photoshop and Lightroom to maximize the potential of every image
  • After the lessons, students will be able to :
    • Retrieve files from the digital camera and save them to their computer, external hard drive, or online site.
    • Organize their photos using a system that is efficient and easy to implement
    • Convert and process raw files
    • Manipulate their images to get the best possible color, contrast, and exposure.
    • Fix images that might be too dark or too bright.



    • Prices for private local class:

      60 minutes

      • Less intensive course for those running short on time: $75 p/p

      90 minutes

      • Standard and Recommended: $135. p/p

      120 minutes

      • Extra time dedicated to learning Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Lightroom: $195 p/p
    • Please inquire about group rates. The more the merrier ! 
  • The Teaching Artist:

     The photography of Steven Kasich is best known for capturing vibrant images in natural environments using available light. The unique eye of the artist allows entry into often missed images of diurnal cycles of nature, water, structures, human condition and communities. A passionate soul who finds beauty in the very old to the just blossomed, captures moments in time, and preserves them forever.

    Steven has a rich background in family photography and portraiture, corporate events, photo journalism, artistic gatherings, and marketing materials. He makes wrinkles of age show depth and beauty, and crisply captures sunflowers smiling. His favorite moments are those in which the perfect shot awaits and is captured not by the artist himself but by his students. Sharing knowledge acquired over the years, and glowing in the moment of watching a student capture the best artistic moment is where his current expression is most fulfilled.

    The teaching artist provides workshops and classes enabling the novice or developing photographer to develop a comfort with the camera in both assimilating photo concepts and practicing during photo outings.  Classes are set in the beautiful hills of Bucks County, the vibrant city of Philadelphia or other desirable locations selected for their visual appeal. Steven uses a personalized and candid approach to teaching which allows images of landscapes, tiny natural elements, motion, light filtration, feelings and lines to be captured, portrayed, critiqued, artistically enhanced and presented.


    *guest teaching artists spotlight there particular expertise as well ! 

    • We host workshops on location also: Nationally and local and sometimes abroad. Philadelphia Night Photography on Penns Landing, South street bridge. Street Photography on the great streets of Philadelphia and destinations as New Orleans, Mentor Ohio(Great Lake Erie), Los Angeles, California. Sunset Photography in Bucks County,PA and we are adding destinations and locations all the time.
    •  Upcoming Workshops: Coming Soon

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