Workshop Praise
*"I am so pleased that I took a beginners photography course with Steven. I had a DSLR camera for years, but never knew how to properly use it off of the auto setting. I had a big international trip coming up so I decided to invest in quality lessons. He strategically planned our sessions to fit our needs and increasingly challenged us in a non-intimidating atmosphere. Each time, I learned how to operate my camera more effectively and confidently! Steven was very attentive to my shots, questions and goals. With his teaching, I learned valuable techniques that helped me capture priceless memories of my Southeast Asia trip. Highly recommended!"
                            Victoria :attended a 6 week Exploring Photography in Bucks County Workshop 2017
*"Steven’s workshops were fantastic. Steven re-inspired my interest in photography and challenged my approach to shooting, which left me with some amazing shots and ideas for future shoots! His on-location workshops exposed me to new environments (sunset shoot on a farm in Bucks County and a night shoot in Philadelphia). During those shoots, he provided us with settings as a starting off point but then encouraged us to tweak the settings to get the shots we were most interested in. He was always willing to help us think through a particular shot and also to troubleshoot what was going wrong in other shots. Steven also made me a believer in post-processing after patiently walking us through the many creative editing possibilities. It is clear that Steven loves photography and enjoys sharing his passion with students!"
               Kelley attended the Fall Exploring Photography Workshops 2017

“I was a novice photographer when I took Steven Kasich’s Photography course at Artists of Yardley in Yardley, PA. Steven’s extensive knowledge and kind patience were invaluable as we began learning camera basics, shooting techniques, photograph composition, lighting techniques, and post-production editing. His interest and enthusiasm took us to unique locations as we covered a variety of topics including landscapes, portraits, and motion, as well as daylight, twilight, and nighttime shooting.  I strongly recommend Steven’s courses and workshops if you are interested in learning the basics of photography or improving your skills with a fun and talented instructor. “


Jess (AOY attendee)



"Steven is a great teacher! He finds the perfect way to explain photography. Through his classes I both gained confidence in my shot and learned to take risks.  He teaches you the many ways you can frame your shot and capture the light all while being down to earth and just genuinely loving photography. His goal is really to help you become whatever type of photographer you want to be while also showing you the different styles and genres of the craft. When I began his class, I had a camera I liked but didn't even know manual mode existed, I now love my camera and have gotten some really great shot while using the skills he taught me. I will definetly be a repeat student."

         -Kristy T   *2017  Exploring Photography 6 night Workshop